Top 5 Best Hollywood movies of 2017 that stood outperformed expectations

As there are hundreds of movies getting released every year, movie watchers can not keep a track on watching all of it and moreover it is really a waste of effort, time and money in saying a movie was not worth it after paying and watching it as soon as it got released and hence forth here we have picked and listed out the Top 5 best Hollywood movies that got released in this year. The below list is based on the revenue the movies created and the positive ratings and reviews it received wide over internet especially in social media sites.
Transformers: age of extinction, It?s the fourth film of the transformer series. The genre of the film is action science fiction.The factors that made the film a success are the action sequences of the film, the visual effect,the musical score and the performance of the cast which earned brownie points for the film, making it a tremendous box office hit. It was a flashy installment in the transformer series.

Guardians of the galaxy, is the best entertainer, with good humor,wonderful direction, awesome soundtrack, and super performance of the artists.The film also earned good reviews from the critic for being thrilling, funny and visually satisfying.

Maleficent is a dark fantasy that grabbed the heart of the audiences. Angelina Jolie has played the role of the antagonist and the story has been told from this end.The film was a huge commercial success. Jolie?s performance was a plus for the film.

X-Men: Days of the future past, this superhero film had wow factors like good acting, storyline and visual style represented. This x-men film of the series was a great hit.

Captain America: The winter Soldier, the film had the marvel comic character on the lead role. The superhero captain America has been depicted very well. The story had suspense and other wonderful attributes that made it a successful film.

Most deserving hollywood actors known for their best performance who did not make it to Oscars

Whenever people come across this the first name they would find would be Robert Downey Jr, however here are list of actors who have given their best performance in all the movies they have acted and deserve an Oscar for all of those performances. Some of the have even been nominated several times for their enthralling performances and were not awarded Oscars each time over a thin edge of voting. And most of the times their movies won Oscars but they could not. The below list also includes female actors too.
Amy adams has given stunning performances. Some of her roles deservedan Oscar. She had been nominated for the movies like the fighter, junebug, the master, American hustle, and doubt for the Oscars but unfortunately didn?t win it.

Johnny depp, is an amazing actor, the characters like jack sparrow, Charlie and much more are simply etched in mind. He is a brilliant performer with unique style. He has been nominated for various Oscars and has won several other awards from teen choice to MTV movie award, but yet to receive the Oscars.

Ian McKellen, he is the magneto of the x men series, of course who could forget that. He has given several other such memorable performances. He had worked across different genres. He has won several prestigious awards like Laurence Olivier awards, tony award and much more except the Oscars.

Glenn close, she is a versatile actress who is regarded as the finest and brilliant performer. She has attracted various minds through her splendid acting. She had 6 nominations for the Oscars, unfortunately missed them; however there are numerous other awards to her name.

Liam neeson, he was nominated for the best actor for the Oscars. He is a talented and mesmerizing actor who acted in Oscar winning film schindler?s list. He is one of the best actors Hollywood has seen in its history.

Top 5 Biggest hollywood flops that might surprise you

In general due to their vast International market presence as the movies are leased worldwide makes Hollywood movies lose little and even if the movies are a flop they manage to make the money invested and a small profit. However, here some of the hollywood movies which were hyped before release and were produced on a big scale budget and have performed extremely poor.
The biggest box office bombs cause havoc to the Production Company, studio, and distributor. When the cost is not recovered in the theatrical run, then it?s the biggest drawback.

The top 5 biggest Hollywood flops are:

47 Ronin, It was a biggest disaster for universal studios in 2017. The negative reviews were for many reasons like the characters were undeveloped,pacing of the film was not good enough and the originality was missing.

Mars needs moms- was an animated science fiction comedy, 3D motion capture film. The story, drama, 3D,lack of creativity was the huge negatives of this film.

The 13th warrior, it?s one of the biggest failure; the story telling and the plot were the negatives of this film that failed to create the impact. The movie had a big cast and the sequences were good however the screenplay failed to convey the message and the movie was a big scale produced one.

The lone Ranger of 2017 was lengthy and lacked originality. The film production had troubles with budget other problems. The script wasn?t attractive and the action in this film wasoverkill.

RIPD, the Rest in Peace Department,could only make little more than the half of the film?s budget. The science fiction film had. It received more negative reviews from the critics.
These films definitely had left their mark in the Hollywood industry for great learning. Although they were good on some areas like makeup, visuals but failed to gain the interest of the audiences and the critics.

Top 5 most under rated hollywood movies

Hollywood movies are the most watched ones across the world and have a huge fan and audience base. Even if people don?t watch a movie in theaters or DVDs or even as soon as they got released they may still watch them later in Movie channels and through Internet downloads or Online streaming and would still share their reviews, ratings and opinions. In this way, movies which were not acclaimed to a super doper hit as soon as it got released or became a box office bomb shall become an under rated one even if it was the best movie of its times. However, these movies shall gradually become popular and later shall be voted high in movie review sites and this way they become an under rated and still a silent hit.
Taken, is the action thriller starring brilliant liamneeson in the lead, although the film made good money at the box office , the film was underrated by the critics and the reviewers , they cited this film as an exercise which is brainless. It?s one of the underrated films.

Eyes wide shut, this movie lacked pace and it seemed silly with no element of suspense according to the critics, but the movie did good at the box office, having highest opening weekend and being tom cruise?s chart topper. The film has some attractive factor about it which cannot be denied.

Jackie brown, was a crime drama,the film did a nice job at the box office, according to the critics the film was overstuffed, with several scenes which were a waste of time,but the film was mature and poised and did well.
Superman3, according to the critics the plot of the film was not interesting and lacked creativity. But the positives were many like tremendous set, good action with wonderful scenes keeping the audience amazed and good humour, making it a hit.
The mist,it was considered to be a vague horror film, with not so feel good scenes. But this dark science fiction movie was a box office hit and was treat for the people loving horror movies.

All time best hollywood movies – Must watch movies before you die

To be the all-time favorite film, is should have all the necessary elements to surprise and wow the audience. Here are the lists of movies which not just surprised the audience but also became evergreen ones making all age groups and people of all generations? right from those in the era of the movie got released till today to like them. And these movies can be watched again and again and each of the scenes in the movie has been carved to perfection. The screen play and visuals of each scene shall engage the audience completely into them. The stories reflect the treachery and politics and the general opinion of society over life at all times.
The godfather, is a crime film, it?s one of the most influential cinemas in world history in the gangster genre. It had won three Oscars. The reviews of the critics were maximum positive and the film had good overall rating.

The wizard of oz, it was musical fantasy films, with the special effect and good character make up. The dialogues of the film are remembered still. The film had good pace.

Citizen kane, is one of the greatest film ever made in history. The writing won the academy award for this film. The film had a great critical success.The filmmaking had new style. The story telling in the film was mesmerizing

The shawshank redemption, the story is the best of Hollywoodmovies; it boasts about realism,acting and good story. The critic reviews for this film were outstanding. The film had good value and stuff.

Pulp Fiction, is a crime film with black comedy.It had major critical and commercial success which was outstanding. The film had good dialogue, good humor, perfect storyline, pop culture references and much more. The success of the film can be attributed to the writing.